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Mother Earth | Asase Yaa Original Painting

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**1 of 1 Original Painting**  

Presenting "Mother Earth", our exquisite depiction of Asase Yaa, the divine Earth Mother of the Akan pantheon. This piece is an homage to the embodiment of fertility, truth, and virtue. With her regal and maternal countenance, Asase Yaa is a celebration of life itself.

The painting measures 84.1cm x 59.4cm, with meticulous acrylic work done on a smoothly sanded 23mm deep paulownia wood panel. The use of earthy tones in a Kente-influenced pattern creates a captivating background that complements Asase Yaa's dignified presence. The artwork is coated with gloss varnish, ensuring it maintains its lustrous appeal over the years.

At the heart of the painting is Asase Yaa, reminding us of her enduring and nurturing love. Her deep connection with the earth, the cycle of life, and her role as the bearer of truth and virtue is beautifully represented. This painting not only pays homage to Asase Yaa but also to the rich cultural heritage of the Akan people.

A signed piece, this painting comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, attesting to its originality and quality. But the value you receive doesn't end with the painting alone. As a treasured buyer, you will also receive three fabulous mini prints of the original artwork. These can be used to add a touch of cultural elegance to your space or can be gifted to your friends and family.

"Mother Earth" is more than just a painting. It is a statement piece, an artifact of cultural heritage, and a daily reminder of the unending cycle of life that Asase Yaa presides over. By incorporating this piece into your collection, you're not just acquiring a beautiful artwork; you're inviting a piece of age-old wisdom and tranquility into your space.

Embrace the spiritual beauty of Mother Earth today and let Asase Yaa's regal presence fill your home with an aura of truth, virtue, and the circle of life. This remarkable painting is just a click away!



All prints are custom printed on demand, therefore, please allow up to 10 business days for printing and packing before your artwork is shipped out.

For original paintings, please allow up to 10 business days for preparation and packaging before the painting is shipped out - this is to make sure everything is perfect. It will be 100% worth the wait!🎁


Open gently with freshly cleaned and dry hands.

FOR ART PRINTS: Frame behind glass for longevity and display in a room free from moisture🥰💛
Frame not included. For a wonderfully luxurious finish and enjoyment, use a frame with quality non-reflective glass.

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Mother Earth | Asase Yaa Original Painting