At Adeche Atelier, we offer bespoke custom painting services that bring your unique visions to life through the rich lens of African mythology, folklore, and culture. Whether you desire a mythology inspired portrait, or an artistic representation of African deities, we are here to transform your ideas into stunning art.

Personalised Artistry: Collaborate directly with us to create a painting that truly reflects your personal style and cultural interests. We take pride in crafting each piece to meet your specific desires, ensuring that the final artwork resonates with your personal story or that of your chosen subject.

Art for Every Occasion: Whether you’re looking to commemorate a special occasion, gift a loved one, or add a statement piece to your home or office, our custom paintings are tailored to fit your needs. Each commission is handled with the utmost care and creativity, ensuring a truly personalised and satisfying experience.

How It Works: Begin by sharing your vision with us - whether it's a detailed concept or a broad theme. We'll discuss your preferences, the desired size, and the best materials for the project. Once details are finalised, we will begin the creative process, keeping you engaged with updates until your bespoke masterpiece is complete.

Embrace the opportunity to own or gift a one-of-a-kind piece of art that carries meaning and elegance. Contact us today to start your custom painting journey.

Terms of Service - Please read before submitting your request

Custom Painting - Terms of Service
  • No work will proceed until a deposit payment of 50% has been made.
  • We do not work to tight deadlines unless under extreme circumstances.
  • Due to high demand, commissions can from 2 - 6 months to complete.
  • We reserve the right to cancel the commission due to poor communication and/or inappropriate behaviour (e.g. harassment) - a refund of 25% will be issued in this instance.
  • Communication can be made via Instagram @adeche.atelier, but email to is preferred. If an agreement is reached via Instagram, we will send a summary of that agreement via email.
  • If the commissioner wishes to cancel their commission before work has commenced, the full deposit will be refunded.
  • If the commissioner wishes to cancel their commission when the process has begun (i.e. we have started painting), the full deposit will not be refunded.
  • The commissioner may not profit from the artwork unless another agreement is mutually agreed upon. This includes the sale of the work itself, digital and physical copies, and any other merchandise.
  • We reserve the right to post the process, story, and images of the artwork on our (Adeche Atelier) social media platforms and website.
Sending photos for reference

Once we have come to an agreement on your custom painting, we will need some photos to create the most accurate representation possible! (This only applies if you have requested for the custom painting to represent you visually)

  • Please email at least 3 photo references of the person you would like us to depict.
  • Please ensure these photos are of the best possible quality. If not, we may have to email you for some more photos.

After filling in the form below, we will email you with a quote. Our custom paintings start from £800, the price will vary depending on the size and number of paintings (price includes postage and packaging)