Adwoa Botchey and Solomon Adebiyi, the creative couple behind Adeche Atelier, have become renowned storytellers and content creators with a special focus on African mythology and culture. Despite their full-time careers in architecture, this Manchester-based duo has dedicated their free time over the past three years to crafting art that is as evocative as it is visually stunning. Their paintings are not just works of art, but vibrant portals into the world of African mythological deities, folktales, and culture.

Together, Adwoa and Solomon research, curate, and paint every piece of their artwork, drawing from a deep well of inspiration that is rooted in their Nigerian and Ghanaian heritage. With each brushstroke, they bring to life the stories of their ancestors, filling the canvas with rich colours, textures, and emotions. It is through their art that they hope to encourage others to delve deeper into the fascinating world of African mythology, folklore, and culture.

Born out of a shared love for storytelling, mythology, and creative expression, Adeche Atelier began when the couple met while studying architecture at Manchester School of Architecture. Realising the lack of focus on African pantheons and recognising the importance of telling these stories so that they would not be forgotten, they embarked on a journey that would allow them to share these stories with the world.

Adeche Atelier's artwork is not confined to canvas alone. Their podcast, Afro Mythos, is an auditory experience that transports listeners into the heart of Africa, narrating tales, and exploring the stories and figures that have shaped the continent's rich history. The duo extends an invitation to learn to everyone, regardless of their cultural background, to immerse themselves in the stories and teachings that are integral to Africa's identity.

For Adwoa and Solomon, art is more than just a form of creative expression; “it is a bridge that connects us to our ancestors and our roots. [They] have a unique opportunity to keep these stories alive for future generations.” Adeche Atelier invites us all to embrace the rich cultural heritage of the African continent, connecting us to a world that deserves to be explored and celebrated.

By sharing these underrepresented narratives, Adwoa and Solomon hope to spark a sense of curiosity and a deeper appreciation for African culture, encouraging everyone to explore and learn about the myths and stories that have shaped the continent for centuries. Through their collaborative efforts, they strive to create a world where everyone can experience the beauty and diversity of African mythology, folklore, and culture.


GSK Art Workshop

GSK, Stevenage

At the GSK Stevenage Office, we organized a stimulating creative workshop that offered employees an opportunity to step away from their screens and unleash their artistic potential. By working together, they crafted a visually striking mural that beautifully encapsulated the core values of the company.

School Art Day

St Thomas More Catholic Comprehensive School, London

We conducted a sequence of workshops as part of the Year Nine Art Day at St Thomas More Catholic Comprehensive School in London. These sessions were designed to encourage students to collaborate, reflect on their school's fundamental values, and actively participate in crafting a mural that would bring them pride and joy.

Adeche Atelier Exhibitions

African Odyssey I

African Odyssey: Exploring Cultures, Myths, and Stories

8th - 13th August 2023

Oxo Tower Wharf, London SE1 9PH

Our debut solo exhibition explores African mythological deities, culture, and folktales through vivid acrylic paintings, captivating canvas copies, and unique prints.

It's not just an exhibition, it's a doorway to a world often unseen, a celebration of heritage, and a voyage into the power of storytelling through art.

Comments from visitors:

"I've just neem to The Tate and this is way better"

"This is the best exhibition I've been to in London"

"It's amazing to see our culture depicted so beautifully"

"I've not seen artwork like this before"

"What you guys are doing is so important"

"Tell me there will be more exhibitions!"

"So uplifting"

African Odyssey II

coming sooner...

African Odyssey III

coming soon...