About Us

We are Adeche Atelier - Adwoa and Solomon

Creative couple, story-tellers and content creators

We both work full-time in Architecture and have been creating together for over three years. Through our work, we explore African mythology and culture.

Our paintings always focus on African mythological deities as well as African culture and folktales.

About our art

As a couple, we research, curate, and paint all of our work together. Our inspiration comes from a deep desire to encourage the world to explore African mythology, history, and culture. We tell these under-represented tales through our artwork and social media platforms.

Being Nigerian and Ghanaian diaspora, we have always felt that it is important to tell the stories of our ancestors and most importantly depict the deities and folklore surrounding people who look like us and come from the same continent in the world that we do.

We believe that everyone deserves to experience and learn about their culture and cherish the stories and deities that are integral to who we are.

Join our community on YouTube - watch what we get up to behind the scenes, and some awesome crash courses on African Mythology!

Our Podcast

Check out our podcast Afro Mythos wherever you listen to podcasts for some fun and entertaining discussions and stories!

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