About Us

Creative Couple - Artists, Storytellers and Content Creators

Adwoa and Solomon

As a creative couple, we collaborate on each canvas, blending our visions to make art that tells rich, evocative stories. Our passion is to deliver original art embodying African mythology, folklore, and culture.

We invite you to choose art that does more than fill a space, but resonates deeply and reflects your identity.

By sharing these underrepresented narratives through our art, we hope to encourage others to delve deeper into African mythology.

As storytellers, we strive to keep these tales alive for future generations.

Bringing African Mythology to Light Through Art

African mythology and folklore have been consistently absent from mainstream art and media. This level of underrepresentation has limited our access to stories that genuinely reflect our cultural heritage.

At Adeche Atelier, we're committed to changing this. We focus on bringing the vast array of stories within the African continent into the spotlight, through our artwork and social media.

Explore our collections and celebrate these unique narratives through art that connects with and enriches your life.

Featured Collaborations


At Adeche Atelier, we offer unique workshops designed for schools and businesses that inspire collaboration and creativity. Whether through painting a mural that reflects the ethos of your institution or simply providing a space for artistic expression, our workshops are perfect for fostering teamwork and innovation.

GSK Art Workshop

GSK, Stevenage

At the GSK Stevenage Office, we organized a stimulating creative workshop that offered employees an opportunity to step away from their screens and unleash their artistic potential. By working together, they crafted a visually striking mural that beautifully encapsulated the core values of the company.

School Art Day

St Thomas More Catholic Comprehensive School, London

We conducted a sequence of workshops as part of the Year Nine Art Day at St Thomas More Catholic Comprehensive School in London. These sessions were designed to encourage students to collaborate, reflect on their school's fundamental values, and actively participate in crafting a mural that would bring them pride and joy.

Art Exhibitions & Events

From exhibitions at the renowned Oxo Gallery in Southbank, London, to engaging in live painting and poetry sessions hosted by EA Originals, our events span a diverse spectrum of experiences.

African Odyssey

Exploring Cultures, Myths, and Stories

8th - 13th August 2023

Oxo Tower Wharf, London SE1 9PH

Our debut solo exhibition explores a collection of our original paintings, all inspired by African mythological deities, culture, and folktales through vivid acrylic paintings.

Comments from visitors
"It's amazing to see our culture depicted so beautifully"
"I've just been to The Tate and this is way better"
"This is the best exhibition I've been to in London"
"I've not seen artwork like this before"
"What you guys are doing is so important"
"Tell me there will be more exhibitions!"
"So uplifting"