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Asase Ye Duru Original Painting

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**1 of 1 Original Painting**

Introducing "Asase Ye Duru" a captivating mixed media painting that holds deep symbolism and an important message from the revered Adinkra culture. This remarkable piece of artwork is not just a testament to power, providence, and divinity, but it also urges a conversation about the significance of the Earth and its conservation.

Measuring a generous 61 x 76 cm, this painting is a stunning amalgamation of traditional symbols and contemporary art. "Asase Ye Duru," which translates to “the earth has weight,” underscores the incredible force of nature and the essential role it plays in our lives. This symbol is tied closely to the Ashanti Earth Goddess - Asase Yaa, revered as the nurturer of life and the custodian of the Earth.

Our skilled artists have passionately breathed life into this concept using an array of mixed media techniques on 100% pure cotton stretched canvas. The abstract style, layered textures, and vibrant colors artfully embody the Asase Ye Duru symbol, offering a unique piece that marries aesthetic appeal with profound cultural significance.

To heighten the vibrancy and extend the life of the colors, the painting is coated with gloss varnish, delivering a radiant finish that adds a touch of luxury to your space. Each piece is signed and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, ensuring you of its originality and exclusivity.

But that's not all! With the purchase of this extraordinary painting, we are gifting you three stunning mini prints of the original artwork. These can be used to carry the theme across your home, or you could share them with friends and family as a token of the beautiful Asase Ye Duru symbol and its profound message.

Invest in "Asase Ye Duru" today. With this painting gracing your space, you don't just own a piece of art, but a compelling narrative of power, providence, and the divine earth. Embrace this magnificent piece and let it spark conversations about the indispensable role our Earth plays and the importance of preserving it.


All prints are custom printed on demand, therefore, please allow up to 10 business days for printing and packing before your artwork is shipped out.

For original paintings, please allow up to 10 business days for preparation and packaging before the painting is shipped out - this is to make sure everything is perfect. It will be 100% worth the wait!🎁


Open gently with freshly cleaned and dry hands.

FOR ART PRINTS: Frame behind glass for longevity and display in a room free from moisture🥰💛
Frame not included. For a wonderfully luxurious finish and enjoyment, use a frame with quality non-reflective glass.

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Asase Ye Duru Original Painting
Asase Ye Duru Original Painting
Asase Ye Duru Original Painting
Asase Ye Duru Original Painting