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Discover the soul-stirring collection of original paintings at Adeche Atelier, where each piece is a unique celebration of African mythology, folklore, and culture. Our collection features a diverse array of artworks that tell profound stories, resonating with deep cultural significance and artistic beauty.

Unique and Exclusive: Every painting in our collection is an original work, meaning no two pieces are the same. These one-of-a-kind artworks are created by us - Adwoa and Solomon. We work together on the same canvas every single time.

Rich Cultural Narratives: Our paintings are inspired by African mythology and folklore, bringing to life revered deities, figures, and legendary tales. Each piece is an invitation to explore and appreciate the vibrant stories that have shaped African cultures across continents.

Ready to Display: Each painting is meticulously prepared to be displayed, arriving ready to hang. Whether it’s a centrepiece for your living room or an addition to your private gallery, these paintings transform any space into a hub of art and culture.

- Certificate of Authenticity: Every original painting comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, ensuring its exclusivity and value.
- Protective Finishing: Paintings are coated with a gloss varnish to protect against UV damage and fading, preserving the vibrancy and integrity of the artwork for years to come.

Explore the unique collection of original paintings at Adeche Atelier and find a piece that speaks to your spirit. Perfect for collectors, art enthusiasts, and anyone looking to infuse their environment with a touch of African elegance and storytelling. 

Inside Pages of African Divine Colouring Book, featuring illustrations of female African deities, perfect for those interested in African culture and mythology.

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Customer reviews
Customer reviews
She is absolutely beautiful, I teared up I couldn’t have asked for a better painting. Thank you both so so much, to have such an amazing Nigerian goddess like Ayanwu In my home such as such is a blessing. Your talent is unreal. 
— Sebrina
Customer reviews
I am so excited to present Aziza. This beautiful piece was done by @adeche.atelier and I cannot be more grateful to be the owner of this one of a kind painting!
— @same2waysaziza
Customer reviews
Customer reviews
I got this because it looks like me
— @yougotthatglo
Customer reviews
I feel so lucky to have this amazing artwork by @adeche.atelier on my wall. I'm hoping to save up for another of their paintings to hang on the other side of these prints. This couple is so amazingly talented.
— @dejadthisvu
Customer reviews
I finally have the story of how the sun and moon fell in love
— @piper_cj
Customer reviews
I just opened my Christmas gift from my brother and I LOVE IT!
— @luckychurch
Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Time to hang this up
— @richyrichb