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In this episode we go over the definition of 'African Mythology' and take you across the continent was we cover some pantheons from each region.

*Disclaimer - these are the notes we wrote for this episode of the podcast - there will be spelling and grammatical errors, there will also be some informal language. Further research is encouraged 😀

Overview on ‘African Mythology’

The term "African mythology" is used as a collective term to describe a diverse range of mythological stories, beliefs, and traditions that originate from the African continent. This term, however, should be approached with an understanding of its limitations and broadness.

The term helps categorise a vast array of mythologies based on their geographic origins.

Despite the diversity, there are often thematic, symbolic, and structural similarities among various African mythologies. These similarities can be attributed to shared historical, cultural, and social experiences across the continent.

While the term is broad, it also encapsulates the diversity within African narratives. It serves as a starting point for exploring the rich variety within African mythological traditions, encouraging further investigation into specific cultures and stories.

However, it's important, imperative even to acknowledge that the term "African mythology" is a simplification. The continent's cultural diversity means that each region, country, and even ethnic group has its own unique set of myths, legends, and folklore. Therefore, while the term is useful for general categorization, deeper exploration requires an understanding of the specific cultural and regional contexts of each mythology.

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Adwoa Botchey