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The Sun Mother | Chaxiraxi Original Painting

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**1 of 1 Original Painting** 

An Adeche Atelier reimagination of the Berber Goddess, Chaxiraxi.

One of the principal Goddesses of the Guanche Pantheon - Chaxiraxi is associated with the star Canopus (the second brightest star in the night sky).

Chaxiraxi means either 'she who holds up the heavens' or 'bearer of he who possesses the world' and she is said to have derived from the Punic Berber Goddess Tanit.

60.9cm x 45.7cm oil painting on a smooth sanded 23mm deep paulownia wood panel coated with gloss varnish, signed, with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

You will also be the owner of three fabulous mini prints of the original painting with your purchase...use them to decorate your office or even give to friends and family!


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Open gently with freshly cleaned and dry hands.

FOR ART PRINTS: Frame behind glass for longevity and display in a room free from moisture🥰💛
Frame not included. For a wonderfully luxurious finish and enjoyment, use a frame with quality non-reflective glass.

    The Sun Mother | Chaxiraxi Original Painting
    The Sun Mother | Chaxiraxi Original Painting
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